Church History: Complete Documentary 33 AD to Present

Church History has played a critical role for me from Protestantism to Catholicism. I have "NOT" cross referenced the information in this 2 hour video. However, based on the information in the description section, the person posting it seems to be diligent in getting it right: There are links to further reading and corrections below the video.

Tip: Church History involves far more than watching one video or reading one book. If you don't agree with what is being mentioned in the video, take notes and begin your journey into Church History with an open mind. If you have only studied Church History from Protestant authors or with a Protestant twist, I think you owe it to yourself to look at the Catholic perspective. Likewise, you can reverse that study as a Catholic to look at how Protestants may see Church History. Based on my own research, I accept the Catholic view. Keep in mind, that I'm a former Fundamentalist Pentecostal and Southern Baptist.

Several Comments On This Video:
As a general rule, I try not to get caught up in all the commenting on the Internet. I find that much of the commenting online is not ecumenical especially from non-Catholics. I've seen so much negativity, lack of understanding, misrepresentation from those that don't agree with the Catholic position, anti-Catholicism and what I consider outright hatred toward Catholicism without even really looking for it.

The following comments are just some of many examples and the first two listed are far nicer about what they are saying than many of the comments that I have seen online:  Lady Wrote: "This is not the history of the church in the bible that Christ established. This is false doctrine taught by the Catholic...." Man Agreed With Her: ".....You are exactly correct. This presentation IS NOT! Of course this is the version of history that they Roman Catholic church attempts to put forward. But it IS NOT history." But comments like this one make me happy:  "There is an abundance of information of when, where and who ...., you do have to sort through the misinformation, it has been a very long journey for me, many years down the rabbit hole! I was involved in the New Age and contacted by so called "Spirit Guides" this began in 2006 ending NOW! I have returned to my Catholic Church."

It can be easy to get blind sided by any belief. For me, it's hard not to see the TRUTH of Catholicism when keeping an open mind truly in search of the TRUTH.