Short CD To Share With Others - Coming Early 2019

I'm a Catholic convert from Protestant Christianity. I studied my way into the Catholic Church. For the first 50 years of my life, I had never had a Catholic share their faith or invite me to Mass. I am not bashing Catholics. I am simply stating a fact that applies to my life.

The idea behind Coffee & Catholicism is that faithful Catholic men and women will discover a way to share their faith with anyone over a cup of coffee in a non-confrontational, non-debate style conversation at a local coffee shop.

I have had many coffee meetings with one of my closest Catholic friends. We both love Christ and the Catholic faith. However, we all have to go beyond that. My hope is that through something as simple as having coffee that Catholics can discuss their faith with other Christians, non-Christians and Catholics who are not actively living their faith as well as faithful Catholics.

As Catholics, we have the fullness of the Christian faith. We should love others (Loving). We should live our faith (Living). We should share our faith (Sharing). We should invite others to Mass and other Church related gatherings (Inviting). We should be praying for unity, for lost souls, for Catholics, for other Christians, for family, for friends, etc. (Praying).