WELCOME! I may have sent you the link to this page based on a phone call, text, email, face-to-face meeting that you and I had, etc.

This page is specifically for my protestant family, friends, acquaintances or any other protestant Christian that may be interested in having a calm, non-argumentative, conversation with me about Catholicism. Please note that I said conversation and not a heated debate.

No matter what your background and your journey to Protestantism whether all you've ever known is Protestantism, like me before my conversion, or you were once Catholic and became Protestant or any number of other circumstances, I have some rules of engagement if we are going to have a calm conversation about Catholicism.

1) Read the simple About Us page on our website.

2) You must have spent several hours into Catholicism from a positive perspective. For example, all your reading has NOT been anti-Catholic rhetoric. You've actually invested a minimum of several hours into truly looking into Catholic beliefs like material from Scott Hahn, Patrick Madrid, Tim Staples, Stephen K. Ray, Trent Horn, Jimmy Akin and many others. Actual Catholic authors NOT former Catholics.

3) That EVERY SINGLE question that you have for me, you have taken the time to visit Catholic.com and search for it in advance of our conversation to get the Catholic view of what you might want to ask. For example, Pugatory, Mary, Justification, Salvation, Baptism and more.

Let's not waste each others time. Remember, I come from a Protestant background. I did NOT convert to Catholicism until age 51 after hundreds of hours of consuming information and spending about 18 months on my journey. Even if you are a former Catholic, 1, 2 and 3 above still applies concerning us having a conversation. Heated debates are pointless from both sides.