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Catholicism: 10 Books Tim Staples Recommended To Me

Tim Staples, of Catholic Answers, recommended 10 books to me that I thought I'd share her for anyone wanting to take a deeper dive into Catholicism:

1. The Essential Catholic Survival Guide (Catholic Answers)

2. Behold Your Mother (Catholic Answers)

3. Answering Atheism (Catholic Answers)

4. Handbook of Catholic Apologetic (by Peter Kreeft and Fr. Ron Tacelli)

5. Faith of Our Fathers (TAN Books)

6. College Apologetics (TAN Books)

7. The Catechism of the Catholic Church (Yes, read the whole thing!)

8. Life of Christ (Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen)

9. The Fathers Know Best (Catholic Answers, Jimmy Akin)

10. Evidence for Our Faith (Joseph Cavanaugh)

If you are just looking for a book for several objections to the Catholic faith from Protestants and you want to be able to provide a solid Catholic response to those objections, I recommend Unabridged Christianity.