"The Lord lives! Blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation," 2 Samuel 22:47

Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral – Raleigh NC – After 28 Years of Marriage We Finally Attended Church on Christmas Day

iPhone Photo - Holy Name of Jesus in Raleigh NC

As 2017 is coming to a a close, what does it say about our Christian faith of 28 years of marriage and "NEVER" attending church on Christmas Day?

Don't get me wrong. Attending church on Christmas Day doesn't make one a saint or some kind of extra special Christian. I just think it's kind of ironic that a Christian couple that loves Jesus and enjoys celebrating Christmas has never attended church on Christmas Day in 28 years of marriage.

There could be multiple reasons listed, but it really comes down to it never being instilled in us as Protestant believers ( Pentecostal - Baptist - Church of Christ ). For me (David), I don't ever remember attending church on Christmas Day ( including my childhood ). I guess if Christmas happen to fall on a Sunday that there may have been church that day, but I don't recall. Going to church on Christmas Day was never a priority.

I assume it varies in Protestant churches, so I'm not stating an across the board blanket statement. I'm simply sharing my own experience.

Starting A New Tradition

Well, times have changed. On Monday, December 25th, 2017, we attended our first ever Christmas service as a married couple of 28 years.

We arrived around 9 a.m. for a 10 a.m. start time. The Holy Name Of Jesus Cathedral in Raleigh seats 2000 and it appeared to be close to capacity by the 10 a.m. start time. It was obvious that some Catholics take Christmas Day Mass serious. Keep in mind that Christmas Eve fell on Sunday with several services including a 5 p.m. and a Midnight Mass. Brenda and I attended the 7 a.m. Sunday Mass.

The scripture readings came from Isaiah 52:7-10, Hebrews 1:1-6 and John 1:1-18.The Christmas Day Mass Homily was delivered by Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama. The following songs were also a part of the service: O Come, All Ye Faithful, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, Silent Night, Holy Night, The First Nowell and Joy To The World.

After 28 years of marriage, it was nice to be in church on Christmas Day. It was also the first ever Christmas Day Mass at the Holy Name Of Jesus Cathedral.