"The Lord lives! Blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation," 2 Samuel 22:47

Really? Joseph An Ex-Catholic – Cleveland Street Preachers

Here are some of the actual words from the video embedded in this article from Joseph with Cleveland Street Preachers as he stands outside a Catholic Church: "Learn how to be a real lady and "SHUT YOUR MOUTH." A godly woman is a quiet, meek spirit. She's not "a loud mouth doggie who barks her mouth at preachers."

Before I share the article in full as originally written, I have an update because I did receive a message from Joseph through our web form:

Hello, My name is Joseph, the street preacher you wrote the article on. Firstly, I want to thank you for the free advertising and spreading the truth to the Catholic community! The article however is very, very twisted. It is a horrible, false witness, and I am concerned with your lack of obedience to the Lord (since you said in the article you try to be holy) with Almighty God after writing it. Could you please email me? Blessings, Joseph

My Disclaimer: I'm sharing my personal opinion of how I perceive what is presented in the video embedded further down this article from Joseph of Cleveland Street Preachers but also standing firm with Catholic theology. I've tried to be accurate in using Joseph's words. You have the right to disagree with my interpretation of the video. You also have the right to disagree based on your personal opinion of scripture and your personal opinion about Catholicism.

There is only so much time in the day:

I am not going to email Joseph about the article at this time, but he is more than welcome to actually point out why "The article however is very, very twisted. It is a horrible, false witness," using our web form. I'll leave it with the readers of this article to read what I wrote and watch the video for yourself. However, although I've tried to be truthful and loving, I will say that I apologize if my article offends Joseph. I am simply writing about a video that is offensive to me as a Catholic and likely will offend any faithful Catholic who views it.

I am fine with considering what Joseph writes about the article using our web form and how it is false ( according to him ) as long as it is not based on his version of theology. I don't agree with his theology. It's apparent by the video that he will not agree with my stand on Catholic theology. I'm not out to debate theology with Joseph, but if I actually misquoted his words from the video, I will look into what Joseph says about that particular area. The reality is that I love Christ. He's my Savior. I just happen to be a Catholic Christian.

Finally, before getting to the article, I do not agree with Joseph on "Catholics follow people, not Christ & are NOT Christians." Therefore, I cannot spend time in email with someone who doesn't even believe Catholics follow Christ and are not Christian. His complete stance in the description of the video and the video itself is far to anti-Catholic for me to get into a lot of email back and forth. Too bad he's not local. I might actually consider a face-to-face for coffee.

The article below the line is intact as originally written which is how Joseph found it when he visited our website.
Learn how to be a real lady and "SHUT YOUR MOUTH." A godly woman is a quiet, meek spirit. She's not "a loud mouth doggie who barks her mouth at preachers." ( From what I could tell, all the lady said was something like GO TO CHURCH. I don't think she was belligerent. ) Unless someone edits it out, those are just some of the exact words that you'll hear from Joseph, the ex-Catholic street preacher with Cleveland Street Preachers in the video posted further down in this article.

Yet, Joseph says things like holy people go to heaven. Here are some more of Joseph's exact words, Repent, turn from your sins and become Holy. If you sin, you are not going into his Kingdom. But look at what is in the beginning of the first paragraph and press that up against what he is saying in this paragraph and press the words in the first paragraph against the word of God ( Love Your Neighbor - Do Unto Others ). To me, what he says in the first paragraph doesn't align with what he is saying in this paragraph. But I'm not the final judge. That's between Joseph and God.

This article is not meant to offend anyone and I apologize in advance if it does. I do commend those bold enough to stand on the sidewalk and stand up for what they believe in. However, this street preacher was outside a Catholic Church on what I believe is Easter Sunday saying a lot of things that don't line up with someone also saying be HOLY. I'm simply using his actual words to make a point especially since Joseph seems judgmental toward others as you'll hear by his words in the video or you can read more of what he is saying in this article.

I feel like Joseph has thrown stones at Catholics and the Catholic Church.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not without sin. I do strive to be holy. But my issue is that this street preacher is disrespectful and dishonest toward Catholics ( I am one ) and the Catholic Church as he stands outside a Catholic Church.

Please pray for me to be humble and loving in my approach while defending the Catholic faith. That includes me standing up for Christ because when I defend the Church, by default, I defend Christ who founded it. Read my view of the word Catholic. Please also pray for Joseph that he will return to the Catholic Church that he left and fully embrace Christ and His Church like never before. It's not too late for Joseph to discover something he must have missed the first time around as a Catholic.

He also says a lot of things that should be and likely are offensive to faithful, devoted Catholics who take their faith seriously and love the Lord Jesus Christ like I do. You'll discover what I mean as you read the article.

At  the 10:31 in the video, Joseph, the street preacher and ex-catholic says, I'm not a protestant by the way. I think Protestantism is just as "damnable" as Catholicism because it's a twisting of God's word.

I'm sure Joseph ( Cleveland Street Preachers ) has good intentions but he rejects Catholicism and Protestantism which leads me to believe that he must be his own authority based his personal interpretation of scripture.

Should I want to believe Joseph's interpretation of the Bible "or" 2000 years of Church history and authority? I'll stick with the latter.

Before I dive into the core part of this article based on Joseph's video, here's my personal reality check: I was born and raised Protestant, continued my journey as an adult ( Pentecostal, Baptist, Some Church of Christ ), spent many years being my own authority and not active in any Church but still professing Christ except for age 17 to 21 when I focused on the flesh and not God but still had Jesus tucked away somewhere. Then, at age 50 started discovering the TRUTH of Catholicism that I had never known before. At age 51 becoming Catholic and now at 52 realizing that there are two ways that I can live out the rest of my life:

Option 1) Be my own authority and don't go to Church anywhere nor watch televangelist nor listen to street preachers nor listen to anyone else but myself as I feel led by the spirit because I don't think "any" of them have the fullness of TRUTH ( except the Catholic Church ). So if I'm no longer Catholic, I can just stay home with my own personal interpretation of the Bible with what is true to me being the way I live my Christian faith. Since prior to becoming Catholic, my interpretation, as an adult, ALWAYS trumped the Church I was attending or the Pastor, I'd somewhat revert to that, but honestly I wouldn't want to listen to any other preacher on the planet. IMHO, that's a key issue with SOLA SCRIPTURA and what many Christians have gravitated to. One becomes their own authority, but there is only ONE Truth and ONE correct interpretation. Think through what I just said and answer these questions: 1) Is this the way Christ meant it to be? 2) Is what I just said Biblical?

... or ...

Option 2) Go to the Bible and ask, "Does Christ want me to live like I said in #1? Is that Biblical?" - "Did Christ found a Church?" - "Did Christ want us to all be one or do our own thing?" - "Were Christ and the apostles all teaching the same message?"

Well, when I answer those questions, I come to the conclusion that the Catholic Church is what she claims to be and has the fullness of the Christian faith. Since option #1 is not Biblical and I believe that I am at home in the Catholic Church, I'm not going anywhere. I still love the same Jesus. I've grown closer to Christ as a Catholic. But it's not because I'm a blind convert. I have met many Catholics ( even cradle Catholics - been Catholic all their life ) who love Jesus and have a relationship with Him.

To continue on...

1 Peter 3:15
"...Always be ready to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an accounting for the hope that is in you;" Well, Cleveland Street Preachers started it, so I'll defend the reason for my hope.

In this article, I'm going to defend the Catholic CHRISTIAN faith against Joseph, an ex-Catholic street preacher with Cleveland Street Preachers from YouTube but also point out some areas where Joseph is not being very Christlike. But in the end, Joseph answers to God not me. So whether my opinion is accurate or not on how Joseph is handling himself is between Joseph and God in the end.

I hope that I can do all of this with Christian LOVE and not in a judgmental, pointing fingers kind of way because I have to look inward at my own life to be sure I'm striving to be Christlike. I'll admit that it will be challenging because the humanity (flesh) side of me wants to strike back in attack mode, but the Christian side of me wants to be able to share the LOVE of Christ by defending the faith in Love.

Joseph wrote in his description of the video: "Catholics do not follow Jesus. Catholics follow Catholicism. They follow the religious traditions and belief system set up by the institution itself."

It's amazing how much is misunderstood about Catholicism. I took the time to learn the facts instead of basing my opinion on myths.

Joseph talks about living holy, repenting and says to stay away from sin. However, if his stance on ALL Catholics across the board is based on the statement above, Joseph unfortunately would be standing behind a lie and should re-think his stance.

Maybe Joseph didn't follow Jesus as a Catholic, but I do and so do many other Catholics that I know. What's the point in being a Christian if one does not follow Christ?

I am a Catholic and I follow Jesus and I know many Catholics who do as well. Actually I have not met a Catholic who does not follow Jesus. I have met some of the most Christ loving, active faith living people in the Catholic Church as I ever have in any other Church. Sorry, Joseph, faithful Catholics are Christians. Those who are only Catholic in name, I cannot speak for. But I know many Catholics who are not just Catholic in name.

I dearly love the Lord Jesus Christ and desire to do His will. Nothing Joseph can say in his description or the video can change that. So, yes, he lies if he stands firm on a blanket statement that "Catholics do not follow Jesus" because that's not the case.

I don't deny that SOME Catholics may get caught up in the "institution" as Joseph refers to it. But that happens in other faith traditions as well like Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostals, Street Preachers, etc. Just because someone walks through the Church doors or stands on the sidewalk doesn't mean they follow Jesus.

Any solid, faithful Catholic who truly knows Catholic teachings will be following Jesus because in my attendance to Mass of over 200 times, I have been consistently pointed to Jesus and the Cross. In addition, it's my responsibility ( like every Catholics ) to read the Bible, to Pray, to truly learn what the Church teaches rather than listening to a street preachers view of the Catholic Church and to spend time seeking God's will in my life. It's my role as a faithful Catholic Christian to have a relationship with Jesus and I do.

Catholic Teaching? Let me give you a real world example from the Catechism:

432 The name "Jesus" signifies that the very name of God is present in the person of his Son, made man for the universal and definitive redemption from sins. It is the divine name that alone brings salvation, and henceforth all can invoke his name, for Jesus united himself to all men through his Incarnation, so that "there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved."

1989 The first work of the grace of the Holy Spirit is conversion, effecting justification in accordance with Jesus' proclamation at the beginning of the Gospel: "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." Moved by grace, man turns toward God and away from sin, thus accepting forgiveness and righteousness from on high. "Justification is not only the remission of sins, but also the sanctification and renewal of the interior man.

Wow! Did you know that Catholic teaching says that we are saved by Grace through Jesus because "there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved?" Catholicism is NOT a work your way to heaven system. There is nothing ANYONE can do to earn Salvation. That's a false belief many have about Catholicism.

The Catholic Church also teaches the necessity of Baptism as taught in the Bible. However, I'm not going to go into every aspect of Catholic teaching in this article. I only want to skim the surface and highlight a few things.

One of the key differences in Catholic beliefs is that our faith must be an active faith. Yes, we come to Christ by Grace through faith, but our faith includes works. James 2:24 "You see that a man is justified by works and not by faith alone." and Galatians 5:6 "For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision counts for anything; the only thing that counts is faith working through love." It's NOT our works that save us, but if our faith is not working through love and we are not following the commands of Christ then do we truly have a relationship with Christ? Cleveland Street Preachers believes faith without works is dead which is one area of common ground.

I spend hours every week reading scripture and praying. Oh, but a "born again bible believing Christian" might ask "do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ and have you invited him into your heart?" My answer is that I do have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I am not going through the motions. I am as saved and headed toward heaven as ANY other professing Christian on the planet or anyone that would ask that classic protestant question.

I do believe Matthew 24:13 "But the one who endures to the end will be saved." In other words, I, like anyone, can choose to reject Christ and end up in HELL. And NO, I don't believe in the false teaching of "once saved always saved."

Interesting that the video just below from Joseph of Cleveland Street Preachers was posted within 24 hours of the video jus below it of the conversion story. The one of Joseph with Cleveland Street Preachers lacks Christian love. If I were not already a Christian that dearly loves Jesus Christ, the second video from Salty Tribe Company shows me someone who is in love with Jesus Christ and also understands the Catholic faith. It's actually quite moving. Watch it and see for yourself.

As a Christian, it brings joy to my soul to hear the young lady talk about her conversion story whereas the one from Joseph is completely opposite. His seems more derived from anger and judgment. Watch them both and you be the judge.

WARNING! FALSE STATEMENT ( see the purple part on the video below ): "Catholics follow people, not Christ & are NOT Christians." I don't know a single Catholic ( and I know a lot of them ) that do not follow Christ. Catholics are as Christian as anyone else who professes Christ as their Savior. I cannot speak for Catholics, Baptists, Street Preachers, etc. who may be confused about their faith because "not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven." Final judgment is up to God Almighty not us as individuals. Although I firmly, without a doubt believe that some of what Joseph is saying and how he is acting is both UNHOLY and SINFUL, I'll leave it between Joseph and God. I'm not perfect. Some people may think I'm committing sin within this article, but I've tried to keep my words Christlike. As a Christian, I cannot say things like "a loud mouth doggie who barks her mouth at preachers" and feel that I'm not wrong.

The video below is purposely larger because I think it brings more value and is more genuine of what I would expect of someone who professes Christ as their Savior. I'm not judging the street preachers soul. I'm simply making a comment based on my own personal opinion. Watch both videos and decide for yourself.

From the description:
It is truly amazing and yet sad to see how many Catholics will go to the lengths they do to defend their religion. They will fight tooth and nail to defend the institution of the Catholic church more than defending Jesus Himself. Catholicism breeds spiritually dead bricks that have no real faith, no spiritual power through the 9 gifts, and no true love for Jesus.

My take:
If Joseph truly knew the Catholic faith that he left, he would understand the defense better Although Joseph doesn't believe it, Catholics who know their faith do believe the Catholic Church was founded by Christ, so when we Catholics defend the Catholic Church, we are defending JESUS and HIS Church. If you'd like to learn more, this is one place to start.

As for the spiritual dead bricks with no real faith, no spiritual power, no true love for Jesus. I take offense to that. My faith is solid and I truly love Jesus Christ in the depths of my soul. As for the 9 gifts, Yes, Joseph, I speak in tongues as a Catholic Christian and it's the Holy Spirit. I first spoke in tongues nearly 40 years ago. That doesn't make me a better Christian. I simply brought it up because tongues is one of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. I know my relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It's not your place or anyone else's for that matter to judge my faith walk simply because I'm a Catholic. Hopefully this article will not sound like I'm judging. That's why I often repeat things like GOD IS THE FINAL JUDGE. Judgment is not my place.

Now getting into the video........

For the first several minutes Joseph repeats Holy, Holy, Holy. You have to be Holy. Holy people go to heaven. Since he was raised Catholic maybe he remembers singing the Holy, Holy, Holy since he mentions Holy so much or maybe he remembers the part of the Mass when we say, "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Hosts, heaven and earth are full of your glory. Hosanna in the highest. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest." Then, we kneel.

What Joseph says is in bold and italics below:

Repent, turn from your sins and become Holy. I do believe that we have to repent and should strive to be Holy. But repentance is not a one time thing. Living Holy is not going to happen by accident. As long as we are on this earth, we are prone to sin and will sin in some form. There is intentional sin ( getting drunk on purpose, sex outside of marriage ), there is slip up sin ( I snapped at my wife and yelled at her. ) and there is the sin of omission which is something I failed to do ( love my neighbor, do unto others, etc. ) just to name a few to help you with my thought process.

Holy people obey Jesus. I think sometimes people forget when they say OBEY JESUS that we are to "Love our neighbor as ourselves" - "Do unto others as we would have them to do unto you" - and Matthew 7 ( NIV) “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?" But then people like to come back with things to justify their judgmental words. Again, if you want to strive to be holy, follow all that Jesus commands and not just what you pick and choose. If Joseph is truly loving his neighbor, doing unto others and not being overly judgmental, it is hard for me to see. I'm just calling it like I see it in that he seems angry and very judgmental.

At 1:42, he finally says, "You have to follow Jesus if you want to go to heaven." But he has not said who Jesus is, why I should follow him or how to follow him. He's only been saying you have to be holy, you have to repent. But he has not told me who Jesus is.

Jesus calls Mary woman. See Why did Jesus always call Mary woman?

Holy people do not swear, do not use foul language, do not fornicate. If you sin, you are not going into his Kingdom. I pulled up Revelation 21:27 "But nothing unclean will enter it, nor anyone who practices abomination or falsehood, but only those who are written in the Lamb’s book of life." Nothing unclean will enter heaven is a key Catholic teaching.

Jesus never started the Catholic religion, man did. Jesus was not a Catholic. I'll use this same link again for those who care to explore this from a Catholic perspective.

How come Mary didn't Baptize Jesus as a baby? ( and later at 8 minutes in, Jesus never taught Baptism for Babies. ) Easy answer. Mary and Joseph were Jewish. They took Jesus to the Temple. As for infant Baptism, it's clear in the New Testament that whole households were baptized. There is no evidence that babies were not included in that baptism. ( Learn more )

This Church is not teaching you the truth. The blind follow the blind and they both fall into the ditch. I'm sorry that Joseph missed the truth somehow along the way as he was brought up Catholic. I've never discovered more truth anywhere else than in the Catholic Church. One has to seek the truth and be open to the truth to truly discover it. I got myself out of the way and stopped being my own authority. I let the spirit lead me to the truth. Christ did establish ONE Church. Whether someone believes that's the fullness of the truth in the Catholic Church is that ONE Church doesn't make the fact that is it true any less true.

Eat a little Eucharist wafer, you get to go to heaven. Joseph must not understand the teaching of the Eucharist. He is also very disrespectful in his approach to the Eucharist. I firmly believe that he will be more accountable to God as a former Catholic than those are are truly ignorant of the Eucharist. The Eucharist is so in depth that it's difficult to go into it here, so I'll share one of my favorite videos: Dr. Brant Pitre, Jesus & the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist

Joseph is disrespectful of something that Christ implemented. I firmly believe Joseph is more accountable than those who are ignorant about Catholic teachings on the Eucharist.

You don't care about God. Jesus says you have to love God more than anybody. If you love me keep my commandments. You don't keep the commandments of God. You don't read the Gospels. So Joseph can stand on the sidewalk outside a Catholic Church and pass judgment like this? He does not know the persons heart and how much they love God. He's putting everyone in his same little box.

Lot of you are going to go home and watch pornography. Masturbate to Pornography. I'm not sure of his point, but the reality is that the Catholic Church says masturbation is a grave sin. It's a no brainer that pornography is a sin and the Catholic Church doesn't approve of either one. They are both sin. PERIOD!

You know why they are playing those bells. It's because of me. They don't want you to hear me. Wow! Really? Joseph, you and I both know that's not why they are playing the bells. That's obviously a lie or either you've deceived yourself into thinking that's why they are playing the bells. If someone intentionally lies, is that a sin? Do you really, truly deep down believe the bells are playing because of you?

Those priests of darkness. The priests of the devil. Wait, is this obeying the command of Jesus in doing unto others? Would you want to be called the street preacher of darkness, the street preacher of the devil? Please show some respect. These type of comments are not Christlike.

The priests are trying to shut me up with the bells. They love Easter. Most profitable day of the year for them ( Priests ). Resurrection day is a big business day for the Priests as he says is kind of snarky. Take your money. Take you to hell. Big business day for the priests. You know why they ( Priests ) love you because of you wallets and your purses make them so happy. They've got easy lives these priests. This whole segment of comments is odd and falls back under "do unto others" which is a command of Christ. Joseph seems a  little snarky sounding during this portion of the video. But watch and listen for yourself.

They don't care about your soul. That's why they don't tell you the Gospel. They could care less about you. Really? I'm sorry that you didn't get that as a Catholic. But it's not too late to come back to the Catholic Church and realize that's not the case. Joseph, please come home. I have met some wonderful Catholic Priests. I have heard more scripture reading at Mass than any other Church which includes the Gospel readings. As far as caring, when I was in the hospital recently, the Priest from the Cathedral where my wife and I attend had another Priest who was assigned to the hospital show up in my room within 2 hours or less of getting an email. The hospital priest also showed up the next morning. Then, the Priest from the Cathedral followed up by phone the day after I was released from the hospital. Caring? Please re-think your position.

6 Minutes In:
At this point, he's 6 minutes into the video and I have yet to hear much solid substance of what I would call the Gospel message explained coherently.

I was brought up Pentecostal. The 1970's Pentecostal preaching was a lot of fire and brimstone preaching. It was more about FEARING GOD and going to hell than the LOVE of GOD.

If someone is going to preach on the street trying to win souls for the Lord, how about a clear message that "God created us to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him?" ( FYI, that's from the Catholic Baltimore Catechism. )

Continue on with, God loves you so much that He sent His only begotten Son who shed His blood on the Cross so that we could spend eternity in heaven. It's God's will that ALL BE SAVED. That's Biblical.

They try to tell you that you can drink a little bit of wine and a little bit of wafer and go to heaven. That's not what Jesus teaches. I've already addressed his lack of respect for the Eucharist, but this time I will link to Catholic.com.

You pray the Our Father, thy will be done. You don't want God's will to be done. You want your will to be done. You think it's easy to go to heaven. If Joseph thinks that Catholic faith teaches an easy road to heaven, he definitely doesn't understand Catholicism.

7 Minutes In ( Not bolding what he said in this paragraph ):

"No little wine and a wafer made in a factory is going to take you to heaven." He somehow gets this confused as the Eucharist being a FREE ticket into heaven. "He says you have to be Holy. If you are not holy, you are not getting into his kingdom." At this point, he's over 7 minutes into this and has yet to share the message Christ on the Cross, that Christ loves you or any truly helpful scripture that points people to Christ. If I had been standing on the corner listening to him for the first several minutes, I would still not have a clear message of Christ and the Cross.

He does go on to say, "Not everyone who calls me Lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven only those that DO the will of my Father." Right after that, he says, "Are you doing the will of God when you masturbate gentlemen?" and he continues with fornication, etc. - There is nothing wrong with calling sin-sin and the Catholic Church teaches masturbation and fornication are sin. Sure, not everyone who calls me Lord, Lord shall enter heaven, but why not share how to get to heaven?

Read the Gospels. Follow what Jesus says. Well, Jesus never says, "Don't smoke. Don't masturbate." So how is one to know? He has mentioned smoking and masturbation but Jesus never mentioned either by name which is why I bring it up. There is a key reason that Christ setup a Church with authority beyond the individual. There is a 2000 year history of that authority still alive and well today: The Catholic Church. Sorry, I'm not relying on some individuals interpretation of scripture including my own. I've been there. Done that. It doesn't work. There is freedom in knowing there is an authority greater than me that Christ Himself established.

The words Pope, Cardinal and Purgatory are not in the Bible. You are following teachings created by men. So with this reasoning, Trinity, Incarnation, and several other common Christian words are not in the Bible either. How about this one? The word Bible is not in the Bible. The Bible does not tell us within itself what books belong in the Bible. Where did we get the list of  books? What about marriage vows? They are not in the Bible: Do you take this man? Do you take this woman?

Pope comes from the latin word "papa" which means Father. And please don't go down the path of "call no man Father." As for purgatory, just like trinity and incarnation are in the Bible in concept, so is purgatory. Finally, no where does the Bible say if a word is not in the Bible it cannot be used in the Christian faith. Just do some research on Catholic.com if you want to learn about purgatory, call no man father, etc.

This prayer direct from Cleveland Street Preachers is not in the Bible: "Lord Jesus, forgive me of all my sins. I am a sinner and repent for all the wrongs I have done. Thank you for dying for me on the cross. Thank you for your mercy and kindness. I want to follow you from now on and accept you as my Lord, my Savior. Please help me to overcome my sins. Please fill me with the Holy Spirit. Guide me, teach me. I want to serve you now. Thank you for your grace. Amen." The paragraph before the prayer says, "By praying this prayer, you tell God you want to be humble right now and communicate with Him." Where is that in the Bible? FYI, I'm not saying the prayer is wrong. If you don't know Christ, I encourage you to pray it and find a Catholic Church to continue your journey. I'm simply saying that Christians do use words and concepts that are NOT clearly in the Bible.

That dirty mouth that just took the Eucharist saying the "F" word in front of kids. I couldn't hear what the guy said. If he did say the "F" word, he was out of line and does set a bad example. FYI, I don't use the "F" word. But what I find interesting is that Joseph knows enough about the Eucharist to seem to think it's not right to say the "F" word after receiving it. Interesting? Maybe he'll come back to the Catholic Church?

10 Minutes In ( Not bolding his words ):
Guy comes up and says you need a hug and Joseph says don't touch me. Joseph responds with you need Jesus and the guy responds with I've got Jesus.

I like the fact that Joseph is bold enough to stand on the street, but I don't like his approach nor do I agree with all of his theology. I'm sure we have some common ground and that's where the conversation among Christians should begin: Common Ground.

For example, did Christ die on the Cross and rise from the dead for the sins of the world? Let's start that conversation.

Go into Church on Sunday is not going to get you into heaven. Doing the sign of the cross is not going to get you to heaven. Jesus never taught his followers to do the sign of the cross. Well, Jesus never taught his followers to hand out tracts ( pamphlets ) on the sidewalk, but that doesn't stop Joseph from doing it. Jesus said GO PREACH - GO TEACH. He never said "GO HANDOUT."I'm not saying that it's wrong to hand out pamphlets, but don't say Jesus had to say it for us to do be able to do it.

If you want to know more about reasons to make the sign of the cross, here's an article 21 Things We Do When We Make the Sign of the Cross. So be careful about saying things Jesus never said do. "For example, Jesus never said don't smoke weed or watch pornography on the internet." But I know through His teachings and the word of God that they are both wrong in the eyes of God.

It sounds like someone yells out "Go to Church." 

Joseph responds and if holy people say what you see below, I'd hate to see unholy. If what you see below is not sinful, then please feel free to call me out on it. FYI, I'm not judging Joseph's eternal soul. I'm simply making a valid point to this particular part of the video that seems unholy and sinful to me. Maybe I'm completely clueless?

Joseph responds with Church is right here. Come join me. I'm the Pastor. Learn how to be a real lady and "SHUT YOUR MOUTH." A godly woman is a quiet, meek spirit. She's not "a loud mouth doggie who barks her mouth at preachers."

Really? Someone who claims to be a Pastor says, "a loud mouth doggie who barks her mouth at preachers."

Jesus commanded us to love your neighbor as yourself and do unto others. Joseph has said follow the commands of Christ. Did he just commit a sin on the video? He'll have to face God for his words not me. However, Joseph can repent and I hope he does.

If saying "a loud mouth doggie who barks her mouth at preachers" is an example of living a Holy life, that's a new one on me. That's not the spirit of God speaking. It seems like sinful behavior to me. It seems like human nature ( the flesh fighting against the Spirit ) coming out.

Real godly women say God Bless you brother. Hmm, I wonder if this comment from a woman on this video is considered to be one of those godly women? "Wow. Brother, you are one brave man of God. You stand in front that satanic place and speak raw truth...." - As a Catholic Christian, I find "SATANIC PLACE" offensive. But does this woman care? My guess is probably not. There are many professing Christians that seem to be angry, hateful and even sinful in their words especially toward Catholics or those they don't agree with. I hope that I'm not that way. I don't want people to perceive me as angry, hateful or sinful. I want others to see Christ in me by my words and by my actions. Am I always successful at that? NO. But thanks be to God, I can repent and continue to strive to live Holy.

You don't really believe that wine is Jesus' blood do you? How come at Passover Jesus didn't slit His wrist and put His blood from His wrists in the cup. His blood is spiritual. It's not a literal thing. Why didn't the apostles literally start drinking Jesus' blood when they took him off the cross. His blood is the fulfillment of perfect obedience to God. I sent a donation of $13 to Joseph via Pay Pal so that he could buy "Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist: Unlocking the Secrets of the Last Supper" at my expense not his. However, I asked him to refund the money if he was not going to use the money for that purpose. My $13 was refunded in about 15 minutes.

At about the 14 minute mark, he says he is Saint Joseph and he is there to tell you the truth of what my beautiful Lord and Savior has told me in his Gospel message. He quotes Luke 13:3 "... repent or perish ..." Yes, repentance is part of Salvation and striving to live Holy is part of Christian living but "repent or perish" ( although Biblical ) is not sharing the love of Christ. I would say "repent or perish" is a fairly good summary of the tone of this video.

At 14:50, my bible came from heaven. John 6:41 “I am the bread that came down from heaven.” Interesting that Joseph is quoting from John Chapter 6 from the bread of life discourse which is a huge foundation for the Catholic teaching on the Eucharist. He says Jesus is the Word which is true. But the written Bible as we know it didn't just drop from heaven. Yes, it is the inspired, infallible word of God written by men lead by the Holy Spirit, but it didn't come with a concordance with a list of books to be in it.

Christ didn't leave a printed Bible with the apostles when he ascended to heaven. The New Testament was not fully written until around the year 100 ( nearly 7 decades after the crucifixion ). The canon of the bible was not FULLY decided on until around the year 400. The bible was not readily accessible to many until the 1400's after the invention of the printing press. For centuries, the common man could not read. The false doctrine of the Bible alone did not become popular until the 1500's after Martin Luther and the other reformers started implementing their own personal interpretation of scripture. So yes, John 1:14 is correct "And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of  the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth." But that doesn't prove the physical written Bible as we know it dropped from heaven.

At the 15 minute mark through the end of video ( 20 minutes ) is when a Catholic finally spends some time talking with Joseph.

Joseph doesn't seem interested in talking with the guy. He says "Sir, I want to keep preaching. I'm trying to help you guys because you guys are going to hell. I'm trying to help you sir because I care for your soul. There's more bricks inside that building than outside."

I guess Joseph is referring to people as bricks? Well, here we go again Joseph. Hmm... be holy? Is it holy to make a blanket statement "you guys are going to hell and there are more bricks inside the building that outside?" Really, I'm supposed to want to know the Christ that you speak of when you talk like that? Yes, hell is real but not everyone in the Catholic Church is going to hell. God will decide that in the end.

If Joseph is referring to people in the Church being bricks ( hard headed is the way I take it ) by saying there are more inside the Church than out, he is pretty well saying everyone in the Church is a brick. Come on Joseph stick to the word of God and don't say things that make you look bad.

I expect to see Christ in someone professing Christ as Savior. I hope the Holy Spirit will move in Joseph's life to help him look more inward at his own life more than outward at the lives of others as he seems to do on this video.

"I have anger against evil as he points to the Church." So he just admitted that he has anger at about the 19:20 mark. To me, he has sounded angry since the first minute of the video. So at least he admitted that he has anger although justifying it with "against evil." I don't appreciate the Catholic Church being called evil. I wouldn't think Christ would approve of it either.

I've tried not to be overly harsh or overly judgmental in this article. I don't want to be accused of being non-Christlike. That's why there have been numerous times that I have said it's up to God not me.

At the 20 minute mark, Joseph refuses to shake a guys hand after the guy took one of his pamphlets then quotes the Bible says be not quick to lay hands on people.

In the final seconds of the video. Joseph tells the Catholic man that Jesus says "You're a fool" and he justifies using the word fool from Matthew 23:17 that says "You blind fools!..." and says it's OK because Matthew 5:22 says don't call a brother a fool and he tells the Catholic guy that he's not his brother. Joseph goes on to tell the guy that he doesn't know the Gospel, you don't know Jesus. You are blinded by religion.

As I close out this article......

Overall what has the video accomplished? Watch both videos that I posted and judge for yourself.

For me, the author of this article, I am a sinner saved by Grace through faith in Jesus Christ but not faith alone which is not Biblical: I have been saved. I am being saved. I hope to be saved. My life is not without problems or without sin, but I strive to live holy. So although I've pointed things out about Joseph in the video as a defense from my perspective, I am not a hypocrite to say that I'm without sin. Thanks be to God, I have Christ to turn to and confession. Thanks be to God, I've discovered His Church. I'm at home this side of heaven.

One day I hope to be in heaven with Christ. "Oh, I want to see Him, look upon His face, There to sing forever of His saving grace;"

It's time for action. 

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born of a Virgin, died on the Cross of Calvary and shed His blood for the sins of the world. He rose again on the 3rd day and is seated at the right hand of God the father. Jesus said in John 14:6 "“I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me."

Do you know Jesus as your Savior? Have you turned from sin and turned to Him? Christ loves you. His message is not a message of hate. It's a message of Love. But hell is real for those who reject Christ.

I Timothy 2:3-4 "....it is acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth." Yes, God desires ALL MEN to be SAVED. However, God gives us free will and we each have to decide if we will accept God's free gift of Salvation through his Son Jesus Christ or reject Christ."

If you are a Catholic Christian, live the Catholic faith to the fullest. Put Christ truly first in your life. Don't be a box checker. It's more to having a relationship with Christ than showing up one hour per week to Church. I'm not saying that's you because I know a lot of Catholics who actively live their faith and have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you are "not" a Catholic Christian, I encourage you to consider the Catholic Christian faith. Start by visiting a local Catholic Church, reach out to the parish ( church ) office, find a Catholic who lives their faith, visit Catholic.com and listen to Called To Communion  on EWTN. All of these ways are a great way to get started.

If you don't profess to be a Christian, repent of your sins, turn to Christ as Savior and see the paragraph above. The reality is that Christ knows your heart and knows if you are truly seeking Him. Although Hell is real, God is not out with the goal of sending you there. It's up to you. It doesn't take a bunch of fancy words to begin the journey. The key is to begin the journey with a sincere desire to let Christ be KING OF YOUR LIFE.

Please use the contact form if you'd like to reach out to me.