"The Lord lives! Blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation," 2 Samuel 22:47

The Eucharist – John 6 – Many People Just Don’t Get It

I can understand why so many videos related to Catholicism disable the comments. If you want to see what I mean, just change the comments to newest first on the video above and start scrolling. I'm going to share some of the comments on this post, but before I do, I want to share some thoughts.

Father Mike Schmitz is one of my favorite speakers. However, some of you reading my words right now will likely not agree with all he is saying in the video above.

I challenge you to look deeper into the Eucharist ( Holy Communion ) as the Catholic Church teaches the Eucharist. You should start by reading John 6:22-69. In addition, one of the best places to look for short articles online is Catholic.com. If you are more into videos, you can search on YouTube for SCOTT HAHN with EUCHARIST in the search. However, doing both, reading and watching videos would be ideal. You owe it to yourself to seek, with an open mind, to understand the Catholic position which by the way is Biblical.

I've been a Christian since my early childhood. For the first 50 years of my life, I never really gave Catholicism much thought  one way or the other. I simply saw Catholics as fellow Christians that worshipped different than what I had been accustomed to. Although I knew Catholics put more emphasis on Mary, I never thought that Catholics worshipped Mary. I also had NO DOUBT that Catholicism is focused on the same Jesus that I have loved since my childhood.

I didn't realize how much hatred, misunderstanding and ignorance there is in this world about Catholicism until I began my Catholic journey. My journey was about seeking the truth wherever that led me. My journey was about understanding the actual teachings of the Catholic Church. No one twisted my arm. I simply spent 300 plus hours during the first 12 months of my journey wanting to know more about Catholicism.

I even bought a DVD, a book or two , got a pamphlet or two, etc. that were "NOT" in favor of Catholicism. I have continued to see over and over that no matter what people try to say against Catholicism that they JUST DON'T GET IT. However, in many cases, I doubt most of the people spend 300 plus hours in 12 months trying to see if there is REAL TRUTH to Catholicism.

There is a guy that is anti-Catholic that showed a stack of books on one of his YouTube videos saying something along the lines of I've studied Catholicism for years and I understand it. Sadly, he must have studied with a closed mind because he truly doesn't understand Catholicism.

Although I was never anti-Catholic, I would have never thought that I would be defending the Catholic faith. Ignorance, misrepresenting the facts and outright hatred are all things than anyone who cares about his or her faith will only take so much of. Funny thing is, I'm not trying to find much of what I come across. It's just readily available. I doubt that I would find this much anti-Baptist information online especially the way it's presented compared to Catholicism. Although I have no doubt that there are countless videos on YouTube from the Christian faith that have terrible comments from people that don't have the same point of view. But I doubt there are very many that would say, "The Southern Baptist are the Whore of Babylon, a false religion, worship a false Christ and need to leave the Southern Baptist church." Those are the real things that some say about Catholicism.

Here are a couple of positive comments on YouTube for the video at the top of this page:

Comment: I was raised Catholic, but my family aren’t really practicing Catholics. We basically never go to church anymore. For the last few years, i’ve identified as agnostic but lately something’s been making me interested in Christianity. then a couple of days ago, a Fr. Mike video was one of my suggested videos, so i decided to watch. he explains things so clearly, nothing like i’ve ever heard. and then i stumble on this video…and now i am just lying in my bed sobbing…i am so overwhelmed with this feeling of love. i feel the beginnings of my walk with Jesus. it’s intimidating yet wonderful. thank you, Father Mike. you’ve awakened something in me.


Comment: I had been an atheist for 10 years when I first realized, unhappily, that God really was there. I remember vividly telling Him, fine, but at least will never be a Catholic. Two years later, I let a friend take me to a Mass. I recognized the same Presence at the consecration. At that moment, I was Catholic. Period. 38 years later, I am more grateful of His love than ever. He is more real, more there, than the husband I married and the children I birthed. And sinner though I am, I can still see Him, in those He has created. "How can we tell them, that they walk around shining like the sun?" Thomas Merton


Now, take a look at some of the other comments:

Comment: Anyone who knows the Bible and/or Christ will know that Catholicism is a false religion.

My Note: Obviously the person making this comment doesn't know the Bible or Catholicism. Remember, the Catholic Church was around before Protestantism. Protestants didn't change their view of Jesus being born of a virgin, shedding his blood on the cross for the sins of the world, being resurrected on the 3rd day, ascending to heaven and there is no other name which saves all of which are what Catholicism teaches. It's the same Jesus and salvation is through Jesus only. Anybody, Catholic or not, that doesn't get that needs to wake up.

Comment: I've enjoyed the few videos of Fr. Mike that I've seen so far. His style is engaging and he seems like such a sweet person. But I had to stop around 19:45 when he starts with the Transubstantiation thing. The same passage he's reading from also says Jesus is the door, the gate, and the vine. But I've never heard anyone make the claim that Jesus is an actual door, gate, or vine. (Which he even points out!) Jesus gave His body when He died. Hebrews says Jesus was sacrificed once. That's all that was required. But don't take my word for it. Read Hebrews 10! Better yet, read that entire book. That's what it's all about!

My Note: It's true that even if this commenter had of watched the full video that he or she would probably not understand the Eucharist. The commenter suggest reading the entire book of Hebrews. I recommend spending far more time than that: Read the Catholic position and watch videos on the Catholic position, then read the Bible cover to cover with the Eucharist in mind because understanding the Jewish passover and putting that in context with Jesus as the Lamb of God along with what the New Testament says will open up the mind of anyone truly seeking to understand.

Comment: What a totally disgusting FTM transman 'ACTING' a role of Catholic Priest ! This is totally ABOMINATION !!! WOE to you all ________ (took out the foul language), WITCHES & SHE WOLVES wearing double-coverings of men's skins and priests' robes with original female DNAs over their transgendering bodies ! All of you, perfect DECEIVERS will burn in HELL forever with your real Lord, Satan ! Your LORD will punish and torture you with his full pleasure in the DEEPEST of HELL ! And all of your final destination is to be the most terrible deepest spot of HELL for your unforgivable sins and lies to naive sheep to mislead !

My Note: I have no idea if this person is Christian or not. But in Christian love, I think this person needs to pray and seek God before commenting.

Comment: very nice man but too much beating around the bush sorry but catholics are good people but deceived just like the muslims

My Note: "catholics are good people but deceived just like the muslims" - I think this person is deceived that Catholics are deceived. Furthermore, to put Catholics in the same comment as Muslims who are not Christians leads me to believe that this person thinks Catholics are not Christians.

Comment: I was a Roman Catholic for 24spiritually darkened yrs n was Saved in 1996 by CHRIST JESUS Himself! I reject the roman catholic eucharist for the roman 💒 sacrificing CHRIST again n again n again in their mass, when HE died Once n Once Alone!!!!

My Note: Sadly, this person did not get Catholicism even after 24 years. Ex-Catholics are often the ones speaking the loudest against the Catholic Church. I have discovered that many of ex-Catholics obviously never truly understood their Catholic faith and are easy targets for proselytizers who are also confused by pushing things like "once saved always saved" no matter what you do for the rest of your life. This commenter goes to the point of of REJECTING THE EUCHARIST which is rejecting the commands of Jesus found in the New Testament. It's one thing to say that "I disagree with the position vs. REJECT." It's very sad that this individual has no idea what he or she left.