"The Lord lives! Blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation," 2 Samuel 22:47

WFNE – Divine Mercy Radio – Small Coverage Area – Huge Impact

WFNE (103.5 FM) is a Divine Mercy Radio station that has a small coverage area in Wake Forest, NC of just a few miles. However, the station played a role in my conversion from being a lifelong Protestant Christian to being in full communion with the Catholic Church as of the March 31st, 2018 Easter Vigil at the tender young age of 51.

Although there were small seeds planted roughly 15 to 20+ years ago initially by occasionally seeing Mother Angelica on TV for a few brief minutes and listening to a Catholic Radio Station over a 2 or 3 month period around 15 years ago because of the contemporary Christian music they played, my real journey to Catholicism didn't begin until after our company was hired to produce the 2017 BAA video ( View 2018 BAA Video ). That first meeting was in July 2016 if I'm not mistaken. However, my interest in Catholicism became greater in the Fall of 2016 as I began to see some footage and talked more with our video editor about the video.

So where does WFNE fit into all of this? I'm glad you asked.

Although we have a Franklinton NC address, our business is in North Raleigh off of Six Forks Road which means that Wake Forest is along the usual drive to and from the office. My wife and I often drive separately.  At some point around the Fall of 2016, I somehow stumbled upon WFNE. I truly don't remember if someone told me how to find the station or that I knew some other way that it even existed. Regardless, I'm glad that I found the station.

Since the station only has a few miles of coverage, I found myself searching for it on the way home as I would get closer and I'd listen to it as far as it would reach which I remember on at least one occasion that being into our neighborhood which is actually closer to Youngsville NC than Franklinton. For some reason, I don't recall searching for the station in the mornings, I believe the afternoon and evenings became appealing because of learning about Catholic teachings vs. Protestant teachings based on shows like Catholic Answers Live.

Listening to WFNE opened me up to wanting to learn more about Catholicism. I was open to hearing about Catholic teachings. In the beginning, I didn't believe everything, but I was open to learning why Catholic's believed certain things that were different than my Protestant beliefs like Purgatory for example.

This new beginning via WFNE Catholic radio and production on the BAA video led to me buying Catholic CD's, Catholic MP3's and soon after buying Catholic book after book and more CD's and MP3's overtime.

Now, fast forward about 18 months and take a look:

1) I own over 100 Catholic CD's and MP3's. It could be closer to 125 or 150.
2) I own around 75 ( not sure ) books by Catholic authors plus numerous Catholic Bibles ( with all 73 books ).
3) My wife and I are the featured cover story on NC Catholics Magazine ( March / April 2018 ).
4) I've spent over 400 hours embracing Catholicism.
I accept Catholic Teachings. I don't want to be a Cafeteria Catholic. I want the fullness of the faith.

Although all of this is not 100% WFNE, I can honestly say that WFNE played a role in my journey into the Catholic Church that began around 18 months ago: My wife and I will be in full communion with the Church this coming Saturday at the Cathedral in Raleigh at the Easter Vigil on March 31st, 2018.

To find other Catholic Radio stations around the country, you can view a PDF document here. To support WFNE in their efforts to buy a much larger station, you can learn more about donating here. The call letters for the Wake Forest station on 103.5 FM are WFNE which stands for Wake Forest New Evangelization.