"The Lord lives! Blessed be my rock, and exalted be my God, the rock of my salvation," 2 Samuel 22:47

Will Francis Chan Become Catholic? Why Does It Matter?

I'll start by sharing some videos:

Holy Communion, the Reason for the Gathering of the Church by Francis Chan
3 minute clip from the full 47 minute talk just below this one:

Church Together
47 minute video:

Is Francis Chan Becoming Catholic?
19 minute video from Keith Nester ( Former Protestant Pastor & Catholic Convert:

Francis Chan Goes Full Catholic - Ready for Antichrist!
12 minute video from Pastor Anderson ( I'm not a fan. I just wanted to share the other side. ):

Francis Chan, James White, and Controversy over the Eucharist
11 minute video from Trent Horn

I had never heard of Francis Chan ( that I can recall ) until Sunday, January 19th, 2020 when I started searching around YouTube.

He is a former Mega Church Pastor and some think he could become Catholic. Here's the WIKIPEDIA on Francis Chan.

The very first video that I shared at the top of this post that is a 3 minute clip from his 47 minute longer video also above reminds me of my own journey to becoming Catholic. No, I was not a Mega Church Pastor, but I was a lifelong protestant that also never knew some of the things Francis Chan is talking about in the short segment.

Francis Chan was born in 1967 and I was born in 1966, so we are of the same generation. Although I was a Youth Pastor, I once wanted to be a regular Church Pastor and have preached in the pulpit. I can understand what he says in the short video about a pulpit, attention on the pastor and going in a room to study and prepare.

I have not watched/listened to the full 47 minute video. I'm not sure where Francis Chan is currently at on his journey. However, if he has come to the realization of the Real Presence and that worship was a certain way for 1500 years and that there was one Church for the first 1000 years, I don't see how he cannot eventually become Catholic. For me, once I realized those three things that I just mentioned along with a few other things, I could no longer not become a Catholic Christian.

Why does it matter if Francis Chan becomes Catholic?

It will get attention both negative and positive if Francis Chan becomes Catholic. It will, IMHO, also help others who are not Catholic take a serious look into Catholicism and the Catholic Church. I think that it can lead to conversions from Protestantism to Catholicism.

Francis Chan is already getting attention like this ( from an article on ReformationCharlotte.com ) "Chan, if not on a path to full conversion to Roman Catholicism is most certainly and undoubtedly apostate. He has at the very least embraced an ecumenical view that rejects the authority of Scripture and exchanges it for the authority of Church tradition." WOW! "undoubtedly apostate" and "rejects the authority of Scripture." Really? But that doesn't surprise me from those who do not understand the Catholic Christian faith.

Here's an article on the Relevant Radio ( Catholic ) website: "Francis Chan, Evangelical Pastor, Faces Backlash After Preaching on the Real Presence."

How will all of this play out? Will Francis Chan become Catholic? It's all in God's hands.

Pray for Francis Chan that God will use him to do His will whatever that is.